about Astral Taxi

90’s northern beaches rockers “Astral Taxi” have reunited and are back in the studio.




Co founding member, Paul Cullum said, “Around October 2022 the old band got together for some catch up drinks and decided it would be a great idea to record some new material. A year later, here we are recording “Away Now” at A Sharp studios!”

The last time the band was together in its current line up was in 1994 recording their debut E.P.

The band has recorded other albums with changing members up until 2003. Damien King the lead singer joined in 1996.

The current line up stands as original members. Craig Small, Paul Cullum, Peter Shilling, Todd Towler and Damien King.

Since 1994 Astral Taxi has recorded one E.P and 3 albums. Up until 2003 they played hundreds of live shows as well as various radio and tv exposure.

Peter left in 1996 and was replaced by Mark Giles as our bass player. Sadly Mark was lost to a motor cycle accident in 2009.

Back in 1996 our album “Cydonia” had come out and we were getting a fair bit of attention from it as well as getting played on Rage and Triple J radio. We heard later that it was between us and Silverchair who were to get signed and promoted. Silverchair obviously got the deal and hats off to them. I believe they were worthy of it, so young and talented, I’m still a fan!” said Co founding member Craig Small.

These days Astral Taxi consider themselves to be more a collaboration of song writers and producers than a band. “The Sydney scene has really changed since our heyday. We just hope people enjoy our new material. We may be older but we still have a lot to give!” said Todd Towler.

“Mastermind” their new single is out now. Recorded at A Sharp studios by Ben Briddon.